The time to harvest marijuana flowers is one of the most critical moments for growers, as it largely determines the quality, taste and potency of the buds. Knowing when to cut marijuana flowers is an essential skill for any grower.

In this blog we will provide you with some key tips to make sure your harvest is the best it can be.

Tips on when to cut marijuana

Observe the trichomes

The state of the trichomes on your marijuana flowers is one of the most reliable indicators to determine the time of harvest.

Use a magnifying glass or microscope to examine the trichomes. When most of the trichomes are amber or milky white instead of transparent, it is the optimal time to cut.

  • Transparent trichomes: if most of the trichomes are transparent, the flowers are not yet mature and not fully developed.
  • Milky white trichomes: at this point, the flowers are at their peak of maturity, which will result in a more balanced effect between the high and the buzz, as well as an optimal flavor and aroma.
  • Amber trichomes: if you wait for amber trichomes to appear, the marijuana will have a more relaxing and narcotic effect, but it could also mean a greater degradation of terpenes and the loss of some psychoactive effects.

Consider plant genetics

The optimum harvest time may vary depending on the genetics of the plant. Some varieties are ready earlier, while others may take longer to mature. 

On our website you can check the flowering time of each variety, if you have any doubt, please contact us. HERE

Performs flavor and aroma tests

Cutting some small samples of flowers from different parts of the plant before the main harvest will allow you to evaluate the flavor and aroma.

If your flowers have a pleasant taste and aroma, this is a good indication that they are ready to harvest. Often, mature flowers give off a strong, characteristic odor.

Observe the pistils

The pistils are the small hairs found on the buds. When most of the pistils change from white to amber or brown, it is a sign that the flowers are ripe. However, this is not the only indicator, so don't rely solely on the pistils to determine the time of harvest.

Patience, this process takes time

One of the most common mistakes growers make is harvesting too early due to impatience. Be sure to wait until conditions are right, even if you are anxious to harvest.

A few extra days of ripening can make a big difference in the quality of your flowers.

Harvesting in stages

If you are growing a plant with multiple colas of buds, consider harvesting in stages. This involves cutting the top mature flowers first and letting the lower ones continue to mature.

This allows you to harvest the ripest first without waiting for all the flowers to reach the same maturity.

In a nutshell

The time to harvest your marijuana flowers is a critical step that influences the quality and taste of your crop. Observe trichomes, consider genetics, test for flavors and aromas, and avoid impatience to ensure your buds are at their peak before harvest.

With patience and practice, you can master the art of determining when to cut marijuana flowers to get the best possible results from your crop.

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