Medicinal Varieties

Positronics Seeds, in its effort to offer not only unique and exclusive products, but also of high standing and quality, (not in vain we are pioneers in the industry and research of cannabis genetics, since 1985) is proud to be able, finally after ten long and laborious years, to offer you the Alfa, Beta, Gamma and Epsilon varieties, until now given exclusively for the demand of the Uruguayan market.

In our commitment to excellence and in collaboration with the Uruguayan Institute for Regulation and Control of Cannabis (IRCCA), we were able to satisfy the need to create selections of varieties with different concentration profiles of terpenes, cannabinoids, psychoactivity, etc., always complying with the regulations in force in that country.

Today, we are able to offer you these strains, until now exclusive to the IRCCA of Uruguay and now exportable to countries with medicinal regulation. We continue to maintain a strong relationship through our research license with Innova Life, our subsidiary in Uruguay, while collaborating with various entities in genetic development projects, innovative in vitro propagation methods, genetic markers and others.

Creation of new genetics in California

At the beginning, our bank was nourished by varieties obtained in Holland, although coming from or originating in the Californian market. Today, in our constant and tireless search for innovation, renewal and excellence, we have expanded our horizons and returned to California, an iconic state renowned for its progressive and avant-garde culture, establishing a research center dedicated to the creation of new cannabis genetics.

We are currently working with a multidisciplinary team of plant genetics experts, biologists and agronomists to take advantage of the rich diversity of strains available in the region to extract the best of each variant, while advancing in sustainable cultivation techniques and other innovative methods to ensure the quality and purity of our products. This initiative not only aims to enrich our catalog with cutting-edge strains, but also to contribute to the advancement of plant breeding.

We believe in the importance of sharing discoveries and knowledge with the global cannabis community, thus fostering the collective growth and understanding of this ancient plant.

Collaboration with GMP Certified Laboratories

At Positronics Seeds, we are proud to announce our strategic collaboration with laboratories operating under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. This partnership reflects our unwavering commitment to quality and compliance, especially in the context of seeds intended for medicinal use.

GMP certified laboratories are essential in the production of medical cannabis seeds, as they comply with rigorous regulations that guarantee the consistency, purity and safety of our products. This certification is a prerequisite in many countries where the legalization of medical cannabis is underway.

Our collaboration with these laboratories goes beyond mere compliance with standards; it is a joint commitment to offer the highest quality seeds to those seeking therapeutic benefits. Each batch of seed produced in collaboration with these GMP certified laboratories undergoes strict quality controls to ensure the integrity of the genetics and the absence of contaminants.

This initiative is not only a testament to our dedication to excellence, but also a significant step towards expanding access to quality medical cannabis treatments worldwide. We firmly believe that collaboration with GMP-certified laboratories will strengthen user confidence and contribute to the advancement of global acceptance of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

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