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It is known that Morocco is one of the largest producers of cannabis worldwide, but until now, everything was done illegally. Well, as of today, the North African country legalizes the cultivation of therapeutic and industrial cannabis. There is still a long way to go before "recreational" consumption is legalized, but this is the way forward

100,000 families engaged in the cultivation of kif

100,000 families engaged in the cultivation of kif

This law makes history in the sector and will eliminate the clandestinity in which around 100,000 families dedicated to the cultivation of kif in the north of the country used to live. With this law, Morocco is moving towards controlled decriminalization.

To pass to the legal framework, growers will have to form cooperatives and sell to a national agency, which will have a monopoly on the processing and commercialization of therapeutic cannabis.

This announcement means the entry into the market of many small producers and the reduction of drug trafficking in the country. As we can see, little by little the sector is moving towards comprehensive regularization, and there is no stopping this!

Hemp for future, cannabis for peace ✌.

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