When it comes to growing marijuana, there are different strains to suit different needs and growing conditions. Three of the most common categories are: photodependent strains, fast version and automatics. The characteristics of these strains are unique in terms of life cycle, yield and ease of cultivation.

In this blog we will explain the differences between each of them.

Photodependent Varieties

Photodependent strains are traditional marijuana strains that require a change in daily light duration to transition from the growth phase to the flowering phase.

These plants need a longer daylight period (about 18 hours of light) during the vegetative growth phase and a shorter daylight period (about 12 hours of light) to induce flowering.

This simulates the natural conditions in which marijuana plants flourish when the days grow shorter in autumn.

Key characteristics of photodependent varieties:

  • Greater control: Growers have greater control over the light cycle, which can result in larger, more customized harvests.
  • Longer growing time: due to the need to manually change light cycles, these varieties may require more time to grow and flower compared to others.
  • Higher yield potential: if properly cared for, photodependent varieties can produce higher yields.

Fast Version Varieties

Fast Version" marijuana strains are an evolution of traditional photodependent strains. Although they still require a change in the light cycle to flower, their flowering period is significantly shorter compared to standard photodependent strains.

Key characteristics of Fast Version varieties:

  • Faster flowering: these varieties have a reduced flowering time compared to photodependent varieties, allowing earlier harvests.
  • Less control than photodependents: although the flowering period is shorter, it is still necessary to adjust the light cycle manually to induce flowering.
  • Balance between yield and speed: Fast Version varieties offer a balance between substantial yields and shorter cultivation time.

Automatic Varieties

Automatic strains, also known as autoflowering, are a unique type of marijuana that does not rely on changes in the light cycle to flower. Instead, these plants enter the flowering phase automatically after a preset period of time, usually 2 to 4 weeks after germination.

Key characteristics of automatic varieties:

  • Fixed light cycle: automatics do not require changes in the light cycle, which simplifies the cultivation process.
  • Faster cultivation: they have a shorter life cycle in general, which means even faster harvests.
  • Lower yields in general: although convenient, automatics tend to produce slightly lower yields compared to photodependent and Fast Version varieties.

In a nutshell

Photodependent, Fast Version and automatic marijuana strains offer options for different types of growers. Photodependents provide greater control and yield potential, Fast Version balances yield and speed, while automatics are ideal for growers looking for convenience and a fast growing cycle.

When selecting a variety, consider your needs, level of experience and the growing conditions available to get the best results. 

It is also important to remember that although cannabis is legalized in certain countries, laws and regulations can vary significantly. Happy growing!

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