Antonio Escohotado Espinosa, philosopher, jurist, writer, essayist and university professor

The history of Positronics and Antonio Escohotado began many years ago, when the RCN party was presented in Navarra for the legalization of marijuana. We performed a benefit concert where among others were Raimundo Amador, Karra Elejalde and Antonio himself.

It was there that our friendship was forged, and from that moment on it only grew, fertilized and flourished, until the time came to produce a variety with its choice of taste, flavor, smell and intoxication. Thus was born the Cum Laude.

After this first meeting we were seeing each other as jury in several cups, among them the Djamba Cup in Ibiza, where he fell in love with our sativa variety Claustrum and we started to work on his variety.

We had several meetings at his house to taste sativas, which was what he liked the most. From those meetings with wonderful conversations of stories and anecdotes Cum Laude was born, its variety, to his taste, to his way of feeling and enjoying.

It will be impossible not to remember every day the master, Escohota, as he liked to be called and so did his closest contacts. He changed the way of thinking of generations, he made many begin to read with his wonderful work, which is extensive and impressive.

To highlight the General History of Drugs, an incredible piece of writing that puts everything in its place and in his own words: "the pharmacological enlightenment, which presents this field as just another object of knowledge, where the quintessence of danger is concentrated in ignorance" .

Antonio left us earthly on November 21, 2021, but he will never leave us his legacy, his spirit, his vision and his thoughts.

Every day we will remember you and we will light in your memory the smoke of freedom, to let you fly among its aroma and its nebula of colors. Until always Escohota!

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