New Official Distributor in Mexico

Now you can buy your Positronics Seeds marijuana seeds in Mexico through Canna Culture.

The cannabis industry is constantly evolving, and for enthusiasts and growers in Mexico, there is excellent news: our coveted Positronics Seeds are now available through a local distributor, Canna Culture. 

This marks a significant milestone for cannabis lovers in Mexico who are looking for quality and diversity in their crops.

Who are we and what makes our seeds special?

We are a renowned cannabis seed company with a long history of excellence in the industry. Our seeds are the result of careful selection and crossing of high quality genetics, which guarantees a variety of unique strains with exceptional cannabinoid and terpene profiles. 

We stand out for our commitment to quality, genetic stability and innovation.

Canna Culture: your gateway to Positronics Seeds in Mexico

Now, thanks to the partnership between Positronics Seeds and Canna Culture, cannabis enthusiasts in Mexico have direct access to a wide range of high quality seeds. 

Canna Culture has become the official distributor of Positronics Seeds in Mexico, giving growers the opportunity to purchase these desirable seeds in a convenient and reliable way.

How to contact Canna Culture to purchase Positronics Seeds?

If you are interested in purchasing cannabis seeds from Positronics Seeds through Canna Culture, here are the contact details:

Contact Hector at Canna Culture to learn more about availability, seed variety and any other questions you may have about Positronics Seeds in Mexico.

From Positronics Seeds we remind you that our cannabis seeds are for collectors use only. To grow marijuana seeds, please consult the current legislation on the cultivation of marijuana in your place of residence. We are not responsible for the illicit use that can be made of these seeds.

Do you have doubts about which Positronics strains to choose?

Don't hesitate to contact Canna Culturee to find out how to purchase our seeds and take your crops to the next level.

Happy growing and enjoy the quality offered by Positronics Seeds!

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