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Welcome to a new article of our blog in which we will present you 5 recommendations of our indica varieties. Several of them are champions of many recognized prizes of the sector and others will surprise you in every way. will surprise you in every wayWe are proud to present you some of them, of course from the experience of the Positronics Seeds team.

We will start by explaining a little about this cannabis strain, its characteristics, its cultivation and its effects. And we will finish with the different recommendations for this season.

Characteristics of the Indica varieties

As we know, differentiating between cannabis sativa and indica is quite simple, since they have quite different morphologies. To begin with, their leaves are much thicker and darker in color.

In addition, its branches are wider, which makes it a more resistant plant. And finally, they are shorter, being able to grow between 1 and 2 meters, which also facilitates its cultivation, especially indoors.

Cultivation of indica seeds

There are two distinct stages in the cultivation of cannabis: growth and flowering. In the case of indicas, their growth period is short compared to that of sativas and their flowering period is also shorter.

So if you are looking for a cannabis strain for indoor growing or a very resistant one, indica strains should be your choice.

5 Positronics Indica Strain Recommendations

Crazy Lazy

Resulting from the crossing of Grapefruit and Green Crack varieties obtaining the best of both varieties: the fruity flavor and aroma of the Grapefruit and the long, relaxing and strong effect of the Green Crack. Similar to our champion Critical#47

It enjoys a fast growth and its flowering period is from 60 to 70 days. It is characterized by its great production. In addition it is a variety that needs little care to give very good results, so it is ideal for novice growers..


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Glory OG

We are talking about a mixture of American varieties, the Blood Diamond OG and the Blue Head Band. This crossing results in a plant with a sweet and fruity taste, and red/purple colors very characteristic of the Blue. Highly recommended for smoking at night.

As for its cultivation, we are talking about a very easy to grow variety, which adapts to all climates, and with a fast flowering stage , from 55 to 65 days . You will be able to enjoy its fruits before the end of the summer.

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Black Widow

We continue with this almost pure indica, resulting from the mixture of two titans of varieties such as the Misty and the White Widow, obtaining a compact and very branched plant, with a slightly minty taste and aroma. Its effect is sedative, almost not psychoactive, added to its high amount of CBD, makes it a plant that could be ideal for medicinal use.

If we talk about its cultivation, it can reach a considerable height outdoors and we observe a plant with a flowering period of 55 to 65 days and that does not tolerate humidity very well, so it is advisable to place it where it gets more sun.

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Thanks to its parents Hektol and Red Skunk, this is a Skunk of great production with citrus aromas and flavors. Its effect is energetic, so it could be perfect for moments of low mood or to improve appetite.

Fast growing and flowering from 55 to 65 days, we are talking about a plant that does not need a lot of pampering to get a quality production, although if we talk about outdoors, we will have to tutor them due to their large growth.

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Finally we talk about the supercheese! It appears from the mixture of Cheese genetics, is a variety for the old schoolIt is a strain for the old schoolers, reminding them of the real Cheese taste, and producing a relaxing and quite bearable effect, it can be ideal for introspection..

We can say that it is a perfect variety for novice growers thanks to its simple cultivation to its high production, has a flowering time of 65 to 70 days..


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And so much for our first recommendation of indica varieties for this new growing season!

Discover the different varieties of Positronics Seeds

If you have any doubts about which of our Positronics Seeds varieties is the best for you, contact us atwe will be happy to help you.

See you soon in a new post, who knows if it will be one of Sativas... 😉

Good smoke!

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    Our favorite is the caramelice, a great variety, we love its terpenes.

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