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Chizpa by Zatu

9,00 - 35,00
Sour Diesel X Haze X ...
A powerful strain sponsored by Zatu.

Clipper Positronics Varieties

2,00 - 6,00
Each lighter at 1,50€ and the pack of 4 models, 5€.

Corleone Kush Regular

Pre98 Bubba X SFV OGK F4 An indica with power and flavor

Cream Kong

10,00 - 40,00
Runtz X Gorilla Exotic and delicious  


9,00 - 35,00
Critical Mass X AK47 A multi-award winning therapeutic marvel  

Critical♯47 Auto

8,00 - 42,10
Critical Auto X AK47 The crème de la crème for your moments of relaxation.

Cum Laude

9,00 - 35,00

Reina Madre X Tijuana x Original Haze

A delight for sativa lovers


Deadhead OG

91 Chemdawg (Skunk Va) X SFV OGK F4

Deadhead OG Auto

91 Chem Dawg (skunk va) x SFV OG IBL

Fire OG

Raskal's OG Kush x SFV OG Kush