The autoflowering or automatic seeds are those that produce plants that flower without depending on the photoperiod, that is to say, they flower by themselves after 4 weeks of growth. Read more

What are autoflowering seeds?

They are perfect for those growers who are just starting in this world and have little experience or simply for those growers who are looking for a quick harvest and do not need too much care.

The autoflowering cannabis seeds, also called auto seeds, contain a genetic called ruderalis. The main characteristic of this genetics is the speed of flowering, the marijuana plants flower directly when they reach maturity without taking into account the external conditions that surround it.

This variety of marijuana seeds withstands cold climates very well, so you can plant autoflowering seeds outdoors all year round.

The auto seeds provide a harvest of easy work, but of high quality and potency.

Thanks to their origins, they have become a strong and resistant variety of cannabis seeds ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. The compact size of the plants will allow you to grow automatic seeds in small spaces and also to carry out a guerrilla cultivation.

How were autoflowering seeds created?

Its beginnings go back to Ruderalis genetics, a cannabis strain originating in Russia and Siberia that is characterized by a very fast life cycle.

Due to the complex climatic conditions of its natural habitat, this genetics has evolved to the point that it is able to develop in only 2 months of life. Its seeds are able to withstand the whole winter in the most extreme conditions.

We have known about the existence of these genetics for decades, although for years they have been ignored and avoided for crosses due to the minimal presence of cannabinoids. Until a breeder brought to light the results of crossing Ruderalis with another variety in order to shorten the duration of cultivation times. Thus creating the famous Lowryder, from the lineage of our beloved AFGHAN AUTO.

This genetics had a high percentage of Ruderalis genes, which allowed them to develop in little more than 2 months. In this way, it became the most used genetics by seed banks to create their own autoflowering seeds.

Why choose autoflowering seeds?

Autoflowering seeds can be grown at any time of the year and in any environment. Having arisen from stabilizing a ruderalis gene with an indica or sativa, they have developed the following characteristics:

  • Speed: the complete life cycle ranges from 60-90 days.
  • Multiple crops: you can grow several crops in the same year.
  • Resistance: they are very resistant to pests and fungi.
  • Ease of cultivation: as they do not depend on photoperiod, they are resistant to seasonal changes.
  • Quality: bloom after 4 weeks with buds of superior quality.
  • Discretion: its small size allows indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Although autoflowering cannabis seeds bloom at any time of the year, we recommend, to get the best harvests, to have the best possible weather and the longest days.

Advantages of growing autoflowering seeds

  • The cold is not a problem: they develop better in cold climates than feminized strains, as they can withstand low temperatures and can be grown all year round.
  • Harvest after harvest: its speed from germination to the end of flowering will allow you to obtain more than one harvest per year.
  • Just pay attention: they are so easy to grow that it is not necessary to have previous cultivation notions, anyone who is a beginner or wants to start planting autoflowering seeds could do it.
  • They are small and discreet: as their life cycle does not exceed three months, self-sowing seeds develop smaller plants. They are perfect for small or visible spaces in the home.

Disadvantages of growing autoflowering seeds

If you care about size: autoflowering cannabis seeds produce the smallest marijuana plants on the scale. This does not mean that they are not potent and excellent tasting.

How to grow autoflowering seeds?

  1. Choose your Positronics auto seeds: if you are looking for a fast and discreet cultivation, our autoflowering seeds have the perfect size, you will be able to put them even on your balcony.
  2. Grow in the months with the longest days: to maximize the results of your harvest, outdoors grow auto seeds in the best possible weather when the days last the longest, and indoors expose them to at least 18 hours of light. The more light, the faster and more vigorous they will grow.
  3. Let's start with germination: you can germinate automatic marijuana seeds just like other feminized seeds. Use wet kitchen paper or soak them in a glass of water with 1 ml of hydrogen peroxide (approx. 20 drops).
  4. Prepare the soil: for your autoflowering plants to grow strong and vigorous, we recommend an aerated substrate that allows them to develop their roots well and accelerate all their metabolic processes.
  5. Which pot to choose: we recommend that you use at least 7 liter pots. Also, do not change pots in the middle of the life cycle and do not prune the plant because they can become stressed and not complete flowering properly.
  6. Be careful with water: autoflowering seeds tolerate better the lack of water than feminized seeds, so it is better to water them little by little.
  7. When to harvest: the buds will be ready when the color of the trichomes of the resin starts to change from white to amber, and also because the plant will start to turn yellowish.

GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR CROP! If you have any questions about our automatic seed strains by Positronics Seeds, contact us atwe will be happy to help you.

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