Feminized seeds are those that only give rise to female plants genetically, that is to say, they are cannabis seeds whose chromosomes are exclusively female (XX). Read more

What are feminized seeds?

These seeds are obtained when, by means of special treatments, a female plant is forced to produce male flowers, which turns it into a hermaphrodite plant. This plant will later produce seeds with XX chromosomes, the female ones.

The marijuana plants have the ability to produce flowers of the opposite sex under certain circumstances as a survival mechanism, it is the way to self-fertilize so that the species can continue to survive. It can also occur when the plant suffers from stress as a result of temperature changes, irregularities in light cycles, lack or excess of hydration, etc.

Only feminized seeds develop female plants that produce buds rich in cannabinoids such as THC and CBD.

They are perfect for those growers who are just starting in this world and have little experience or simply for those growers who are looking for a quick harvest and do not need too much care.

Why choose feminized seeds?

The female plants are the ones that produce the beautiful dense and resinous flowers that every grower and/or consumer loves.

The feminized cannabis seeds are the most demanded and used by the great majority of cannabis growers because of the ease of cultivation.

Advantages of growing feminized seeds

  • Very abundant harvests: the female cannabis plants are the ones that produce the rich buds when flowering. When growing feminized seeds you are 100% sure to get a great harvest for your use and enjoyment.
  • They are very stable: with this type of seeds, which have been treated and selected exclusively to produce female plants, you reduce the risk of hermaphrodites.
  • Peace of mind in the harvest: don't worry about pollinating male plants that can spoil your harvest, with feminized seeds there is no such risk.

Disadvantages of growing feminized seeds

Be careful not to stress them: any marijuana plant is sensitive to sudden changes in the environment, this causes the plant to be stressed and may show male flowers or bananas, be careful with this or you will lose the harvest!

How are feminized seeds created?

To obtain the feminized seeds we take advantage of the incredible quality that marijuana plants have, the sense of survival.

In order to bring out this quality in plants, it will be necessary to subject them to controlled stress. This is achieved by altering temperature, nutrition, photoperiods or pH. Many plants are already genetically predisposed to hermaphroditism, so not all varieties need the same level of stress.

Stressed female marijuana plants develop, as a survival method, organs of the opposite sex, i.e., they become hermaphrodites in order to reproduce themselves.

Feminized seeds are obtained in a short time feminized seedswhich guarantee the production of 100% female plants.

There is another method to produce this type of seeds, using a silver thiosulfate solution. silver thiosulfate solution.

Female plants are sprayed with a combination of distilled water, silver nitrate and sodium thiosulfate to inhibit the action of ethylene resulting in male pollen sacs instead of female calyxes and pistils. You should know that you cannot consume any of the plants you spray..

How are feminized seeds grown?

If you want to get the best harvests thanks to feminized seeds feminized seedsthese are our Positronic Tips:

  1. Don't let them lack space: keep in mind that marijuana plants can grow over two meters tall, and some varieties also grow very vigorously in width.
  2. Hydration is very important: if you are going to grow feminized marijuana seeds, pay attention to pay attention to to water, keep your plant dry and always hydrated, but don't drown it!
  3. Use white pots and hydroponic systems: this way the roots of the plants will be cooler and you will be sure to maintain good water and nutrient levels.
  4. Humidity always above 60%: this way you will achieve an adequate growth and flowering period, but pay attention to aeration, if it is insufficient fungi may appear.
  5. Temperature between 20-22°C: very high temperatures are detrimental to the development of marijuana plants, so we recommend maintaining this room temperature.
  6. Try supplying them with nitrogen: the best way for your plants to grow and develop correctly is by supplying them with nutrients through nitrogen, control the levels and don't overdo it!
  7. Watch out for intruders: watch out for any symptoms that your plants are infected. Pests are very common and can destroy your future harvest if you don't use preventive measures quickly.

GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR CROP! If you have any questions about our feminized seed strains from Positronics Seeds, contact us atwe will be happy to help you.

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Afghan Hawaiian X Laos X Jamaica X ? Awarded at Spannabis Barcelona 2015 The source of inspiration you need  

Black Widow

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6,40 - 24,00

White Widow X Misty

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Blue Rhino

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Blueberry X White Rhino

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Hektol X Red Skunk

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Runtz X Gorilla Exotic and delicious  


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