Looking for the best Positronics sativa strains? Cannabis sativa seeds are known for their potentially uplifting and energizing effects. These strains have earned a reputation as excellent choices for those seeking a creative boost, an uplifting mood or a socially enriching experience. Read more

What are sativa seeds like?

These seeds produce plants known for their tall, slender growth with thin leaves and long internodal distances. Sativa varieties are often noted for their vigorous upright growth and their ability to reach considerably greater heights than indica varieties.

In addition to their stimulant effect, cannabis sativa seeds can also offer therapeutic benefits. It has been suggested that certain sativa strains can help alleviate depression, improve concentration and provide relief from chronic pain. However, it is important to keep in mind that the effects may vary depending on the strain and each person's individual response.

If you are an enthusiastic grower or simply someone interested in discovering the possibilities offered by sativa cannabis seeds, at Positronics Seeds you will find unique genetics with countless benefits.

Discover the unique experiences they can give you! Whether you're looking for a boost of creativity or to explore the therapeutic benefits.

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American Purple

10,00 - 40,00
Big Daddy Purple X Purple Haze Deliciously cloying power  

Amnesia Mystery

9,00 - 35,00
Afghan Hawaiian X Laos X Jamaica X ? Awarded at Spannabis Barcelona 2015 The source of inspiration you need  

Chizpa by Zatu

9,00 - 35,00
Sour Diesel X Haze X ...
A powerful strain sponsored by Zatu.

Cum Laude

9,00 - 35,00

Reina Madre X Tijuana x Original Haze

A delight for sativa lovers


Grapes & Cream x SFV

Grapes & Cream x SFV Free yourself from stress and worries  

Jack Diesel

8,00 - 30,00

Jack Herer X NYC Diesel

A variety that far outperforms its parents

Key Lime Pie x Jack Herer

Key Lime Pie x Jack Herer A delight for the senses  

Lemon Trip

8,00 - 30,00
Lemon Haze X G10 Selection A citrus pleasure for all the senses

One Love Haze

9,00 - 35,00

Haze ♯1 X Haze ♯9

Dance to the rhythm of One Love